Lubuntu LDXE

I was checking out Hackaday (one of my favorite sites)
and found this
and looked it over, its pretty cool that they took a debian system and brought it down under 400MB, which is pretty amazing, but its still not small enough for me, so i will still be compiling my lfs system but i am going to try out this new distro, so look later for a quick review

update- I might have to wait till I get home, my proxy is telling me no route to host, may be due to Hackaday syndrom, I will try later

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  1. Avatar loyal osterhoudt
    loyal osterhoudt says:

    Just looking around and thought I would poke a question if you dont mind.

    I am considering using lubuntu at my sons school. They are anything from 256 =- 512 ram with pentium 3 or a celeron 4. I feel comfident it would run. But have a few concerns such as editing menus and what happens when I add educational software to the ram needs. They were using Ubuntu gnome or KDe and it took about 3 minutes to boot up. Their machines locked up alot so I said we need to use a linux for slow machines. When I saw your remark I thougth I might get your opinion and feedback if you dont mind. I have not seen an educational LDXE edition. Im not new to Linux but was only a user until 3 years ago before i installed Ubuntu. Installing Ubuntu does not make u a linux man. IT is easier than windows! But I am learning as I go. Loyal

    • Hi, Editing menus shouldn’t be too hard, LDXE is easily customized to your needs, as for educational software, depends on what your installing, some will work great for older hardware, others might not. Could you give some examples of the software you might be installing?
      Another Idea is send the LDXE dev team an email and they may be able to help you and give you what the desktop is capable of doing or helping you put together an educational image. I am hopefully going to give this desktop another try since my ubuntu is on the fritz lol (no keyboard no mouse).
      Ill let you know how it goes on my P4 w/ 1.2gb ram
      3 years of learning linux is just starting out, even me using it for 6 years i still don’t know alot, as for windows i gave up all Windows OSs completely for the past year and a half and so far so good.

      Let me know how it goes for you 🙂