Optimizing your social networking updates

Most people, now have multiple social networking accounts. so what do you do if you want to update all of them? Most would just log in to there preferred site and just do a status update, I think that this takes to long and i could spend that time coding or writing another post, so i decided to consolidate everything to my blog.
Now I have been using WP plug called ‘Post to Twitter’. Its very simple you put your login info into it and click test, and its all set to go, simple enough write?
Next is hooking up myspace to twitter, very easy, click on the link on your home page ‘get synced’ and fill out the form and your connected, next you would test by making a post to your blog, then check your update on myspace, now it should have updated. I didn’t have any issues with it updating my status at all, I cant guarantee that it will work for you, but why not try.
After that I hooked up my facebook. I tried 2 different apps, the official twitter app and the ‘Selective Twitter Status’. I liked the selective one better because i didn’t have to use my user name and password for twitter, I really don’t like to give social networking password to other social networking apps, Its just add another link that could fail.For the selective app, all you have to do is install the app, allow it to post, on your next post add #fb and it will post it to your status.
This setup may be useful for Blogs and people who just want to post to one place. This is a one way update, I post to my blog then my WP plugin Posts to Twitter, next Facebook and Myspace get updated, and thats exactly what i wanted this to do.