Projects on Hold till next month

Currently I have to put my projects on hold, due to personal reasons, next month i will finish and polish and write up a few more.
more PHP classes will be added as well.
Look for a few more new Ideas, like my Dawn clock- a silent alarm clock that uses bright lite to simulate dawn…..for those 3 rd shift people ……the other idea was a large fish tank filled with small swimming robots , instead of water , mineral oil will be used, since it is a non conducting liquid. No need to waterproof any of the robots for the tank….just a few ideas that i want flesh out and create…….

Hope to see you Next month when i start up again


2 Responses to Projects on Hold till next month

  1. I like the way you think.

    I wonder how detecting proximity to a transparent barrier works in mineral oil. sonar i guess. just adjust for the new speed of sound.

    • Thanks,
      sonar would be an interesting way, I didn’t even think of that, great idea.
      I will definitely test that out and see how well it works out. I wonder if mineral oil has the same kind of properties as water when it comes to sound.
      i was also thinking a composite photocell eye, similar to this tutorial here