not forgotten just busy

just been really busy with work and life, work still continues on my projects. The BPM counter, i am having issues with the input circuit, and with out an oscilloscope i have very limited data from my input circuit, and the readings are all over the graph, another project is i have created a 45 joule cap bank, which is going to be used for my coil gun, more on that later once i figure out how to optimize the inductor for maximum electro-magnet field.
After this week, I do not have any more OT for a bit so i will have some more time to work on everything……

I want to thank all my Visitors to my site, I may not be the best writer but i try to do my best…..Come back soon for some more updates, 1 more week!!!

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  1. Avatar CodeKiller
    CodeKiller says:

    Nice to hear you didn’t abandoned the project. If you need a helping hand, please write to my mail for faster communication.

    • as soon as i figure out a better way of conditioning the audio signal, since the the others that I have tried havent given me the results that I need.

  2. Avatar CodeKiller
    CodeKiller says:

    What kind of input circuit do you have? (don’t forget to use LPF with f<sample_rate before the uC)

    • Of course i wont forget the LPF, and the design i may use is, use an amp to get the desired out put level and then cancel or remove half of the wave so it is usable for the uC. how to cut the wave in half is my issue, My ideas include using a diode to send the undesired half to ground, but the voltage drop might be too great, next thought was to use transistors which might work as an amp so i could remove the amplifying circuit. the last way is using caps and a few resistors but i tried the one that i referenced earlier, with very poor results………but as soon as i can i will have some schematics of what i was thinking, its hard not having an easy way to make PC genrated schematics, if you have any suggestions let me know.