PCLinux: a great alternitive to Ubuntu

Recently i have been having issues with my Ubuntu install, well no really recently but ever since i upgraded to 9.10 and then to 10.04 and then to 10.10,  I have had nothing but trouble with the system. So off i went to look for a new Distro, Gentoo, openSuse, PClinux Mint linux, Debian, and a few other smaller ones. But i had to narrow it down a little further. I wanted a Gnome interface (personal preference), a Debian based distro was preferable and we cant forget good old bash lol. First one i tried was PCLinux  with the Gnome desktop. My first thoughts…….:) gnome loads and my keyboard and mouse works and so does the sound….what more could i ask for lol.

Some key things that i like

  • Easy configuration manager
  • Supports my hardware right from the start
  • live CD works great
  • easy network setup
  • great list of repositories

Cons or things i didnt like

  • Duel monitor support ? it works but no settings changes and the screen blanks every 5 mins or so
  • Boot up is a little long
  • themes, are just OK lol
  • no other real complaints —Yet……

as of right now im sticking to this distro, i will be testing some of the others in a few weeks.