My battle with Ubuntu 11.10

I decided to finally upgrade my Ubuntu 10.10 to 11.10 and deal with unity or gnome 3.4. Neither of those options looked promising to me. But change is inevitable.

The whole process was painless, only a few unnecessary librarys removed. When it all finished, unity loaded up and I got to work, trying to make my desktop productive.
So I went searching and found this link It definitely helped, like, getting dvd movies to play. Most of it is pretty good advice and the rest is personal preference.

My opinion on 11.10, I like it but I have my complaints. For example, gnome-shell or gnome classic, when logging in, is better then unity (I’m not going to get into this Unity just sucks, especially on a 32″ monitor) . Gnome-shell ‘s menu bar, it’s very hard to customize it, I’m still looking for the auto-hide option or the opacity setting. And I still can’t figure out how to add things to the top menu bar like the system monitor graph or even a fortune cookie app. The gnome tweak tool helped a bit but there are still large holes in the setting that need to be filled, but over all it does run on my i5 much better then gnome 2. Time to continue on customizing and tweaking the desktop.
Next is to upgrade to 12.04 lts.

The battle continues!