Building current LFS with the 6.3 live cd

To build the current LFS svn 201207xx with the LFS livecd. Even tho they state its not possible,  it is with very few changes and adding one extra tool.
Well to start download all the packages to the version you want to build. After that download p7zip,  the open source 7zip with .xz compression support. P7zip is used just to build the tools,  after that you will be able to use xz utilities to access the tar balls.

How to install the p7zip is very easy and its a very easy to use.
To install,  unzip(extract from archive) and cd into the folder you just extracted. Then just make,  when its all done,  or if you dont want to make it,  copy the 7za binary into the tools/bin folder and then you are done.
How to use it, type in /tools/bin/7za e. /your-archive.tar.xz .
after that you will have .tar file named the one you just extracted. Then just extract as normal and continue on.

Once you are able to exract. xz files you can start building the tools and base system.
The only change I have made was removing –with-kernel=2.6.xx from the configure parameters in glibc. You have to remove it from the tools build and the base system, otherwise it will not compile.
links :

I have tried this on 2 builds (a P4 and pentium 3 coppermine) both boot and are successful and have built one with X that works and the other is a server thats being finished.

Maybe after this is all finished I may try to remaster the live cd to be able to build lfs 7.2+ and submit it.

More software and MSP430 updates coming soon……I just need to get used to working 3rd shift. which starts at the end of this week.