Pile of crap, or how I plan to start updating again.

Ok I am really sorry for the lack of updates. I lots of progress and projects to post about but in OCT,  I had some crap piled on top of me.

I have f5510 usb stuff, a ultrasonic distance sensor like ping thats nearly done. some cool project boxes that I sprused up, new LFS builds and fixes that I have done.
custom battery for my heli,  I’m sure I have forgotten a few……also I am super excited I have new happy hardcore vinyl!!
but lets not forget my plant hacks and a very quick ultrasonic cleaner that i needed for my ecig stuff.

so lots to come in the next month!

oh for my regular readers…..I think I have regular readers lol If I do thanks for supporting my site by visiting,  it really means a lot to me.
And for the ones that just need a bit of info or looking for project ideas help,  I’m glad you came here and learned a little too! 

As for whats going on in my personal life……I will be posting a password protected link below thay will contain things I need to vent about and may need advice, this happens every great while,  because I am an introvert, I keep a lot inside and when it hurts it either explodes and affects my life, like it has or it needs to be vented in the proper way. ……..I really need my brain and happiness back.

Thank you for your patience, understanding and wanting more projects!

Justin S.

PS If you actually got this far in this sappy post 🙂 It puts a smile on my face.
oh and one last thing….on this day Phoenix can suck it, Chicago’s temp 57 degrees F ….Phoenix 47 degrees F……but no hard feelings right?  lol