Adventures in Home Brewed Beer

Sorry for the inconsistent posts, but family life and not having a place to work has kept me from quite a few projects. But lately I have been brewing beer at home as a hobby to keep me from going crazy with a house full of girls..(I’m the only male other then our cat).

My latest brew was a first for me, it was an 5 gal all grain stout, with my own recipe. You can find my recipe here (insert link here).

16lbs of grain is a lot to work with, but not having the right equipment didn’t help.
2015-09-05 11.12.54

I really need a bigger kettle for all of this, 5gal/20L is not big enough for 5 gal all grain brewing……
2015-09-05 11.12.58

To the left in the big bin is my fermentor, a 6.5 gal brew pale/bucket. and to the right is my bayou classic burner.
2015-09-06 11.41.27

Left over trub…..
2015-09-06 11.41.36

my trusty fermentation cap/lock….lets out CO2 with out letting air in….
2015-09-06 11.41.44

Pictures of the beer after the krausen has fallen…
it looks odd… but different yeasts look differently for each beer you do….this one is just wouldn’t flocculate to the bottom….but from what i understand, Irish yeast doesn’t like to fall out…..
2015-09-15 22.46.24

2015-09-15 22.46.33

2015-09-23 22.00.45

2015-09-23 22.00.42

all in all, the day went well, and I did one 5 gal batch, and 1.5 gal batch, from the second running’s of the grain.

But my concern was after it was done fermenting and I was about to bottle, there was a opaque scum on the top with white flakes….I thought it may have been contaminated with something…but i bottled anyways, and came out with 6x 6 packs, and 3x 1L grolsh/fliptop bottles.

so far, the beer is ready, I think it still needs a few weeks in the fridge to age and get better, since last ones I have tasted, seem a little young.