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    basic functionality can be achieved with minimal coding. In my attempt to learning how to get the different peripherals working on my msp~2231. All MSP430 value line come with a simple universal package of hardware, Basic Clock, Timer_A, GPIO, USI (SPI,I2C,UART), WDT. then there are chips with chip specific hardware like ADC10, Comparator, Timer_B, Sigma-Delta ADC. to get most of these to work, it takes very little code, but to make them useful that will take a little more skill.

    We will start with everything after the header file #include msp430xxx.h , remember that this header file is chip specific.

    Lets start Here- this is where most of your code will go, including setting up the clocks, pins, interrupts, and anything else that will be run.
    void main(void) {
    //program goes here

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