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  • Webmin, next best thing to sliced bread

    I personally hate trying to configure some Applications on linux machines, especially ones that have very cryptic config files,  or there so big it takes you half an hour to get to the bottom, but no more hassle with Webmin as your remote server management solution. I have been using webmin for about 4 months now and I am quite pleased with the program, It is very simple to use no hassle setup of the interface and you can customize and build new modules for new applications or deamons.

    ignore the IE i took the picture on my work PC
    ignore the IE i took the picture on my work PC

    Ignore those high CPU times i was compiling glibc on my server  at the time of this screen shot, but lets get back to what makes it a great tool for me.

    The original reason i installed webmin is to beable to configure squid on the fly because of the need to test it from an outside connection but the uses grew as i kept exploring all the options. So after i setup squid i started looking into the apache, dns, dhcpd, and ssh server. So the apache 2 configureation was so easy compared to manuelly setting up the conf file and the enabled and installed sites, and a better understanding on how to configure apache the right way instead of the haphazard way of looking at examples and hopefully getting the config correct, with out creating security holes. I really  couldnt tell you how I got by with out webmin. The ssh, dhcpd, mysql, send mail, samba, where just as easy to setup as apache and squid, i would recomend this to any one doing any kind of server admin or running a dev system that needs monitoring or constant changes and you dont have access to the physical terminal all the time.

    There are a few things i didnt like so far, for starters I would like to be able to have a custom side bar with the links that i need only, but i think that can be taken care of with a little bit of editing the source code or creating a them. Next issue i would like changed is a better comand line interface, The one under Others comand shell does what it says it does and executes the command but I wish it emulated a shell better but i guess thats what the ssh login is for. another thing i would change would be the system info page Yes its very minimilistic and gets the info that you need, but i would like a little more info that may be helpful, Like keeping the Uptime on that page , yes i know its there when your system has been up for more than an hour but less than a day, other wise it disapears, I would also like to add how many proccesses are running at that moment and maybe the IP addresses assigned to the network interfaces would be helpul as well. I really couldnt think of any thing after that, but these are jsut cosmetic changes for the most part and the issues wont stop me from using this great tool. I have to thank the fine People at  http://www.webmin.com/index.html for creating and maintaining this fine tool.