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Configuration classes and functions

  • config.php
  • multi key(different key for different Domains/servers

Database connectors and Helpers

security, or cryptographic functions

  • hash.php (MD5 but can be modified to use any encryption)

other Helpful scripts

Hints and tips and dependencies

MSP430 code examples and functions

2 Responses to Code Library

  1. hello justin

    i am a budding programmer to msp430. i want to control 8:1 analog multiplexer through msp430fg439 for my EEG recorder project. and give detail about analog muliplexer ic which should allow micro volt signal

    • Hi, I do not have any experience with analog mux ICs, But from what I understand it should be fairly easy to get working on your msp430. have you considered using a multi-channel ADC? or have you checked out Digikey for an IC that fits your parameters?