• Evo T20 project OS choice

    So i have Decide on my Distro that I want to use for my Evo. Its called Linux from Scratch,
    its a way to build your OS from compiling all the components, into a working linux.
    You can find more info here
    so far i have completed the Pre setup and getting the too chain compiled for the enviroment.
    there have been a few Hiccups here and there which i will get into in just a moment. Currently my Goal is to have a working linux under 16 megs so i dont have to buy more smart media cards, especially at $30+ for 128 megs, on out dated technology. but that is besides the point..

    Issues that  i have had so far

    1. Wget list has 2 broken links, I will list the 2 packages a little later
    2. Binutils would not compile, it was my mistake that i had made a few days ago while i was, the Tools link was pointing at the wrong Device, deleted it and remade it so it point to the correct folder
    3. after that i have run into another compile error dealing with GCC the error stated ../../gcc-4.3.2/gcc/double-int.h:184: error: expected ')' before 'double_int'
      ../../gcc-4.3.2/gcc/double-int.h:185: error: expected declaration specifiers or '...' before 'mpz_t'
      In file included from ../../gcc-4.3.2/gcc/c-lang.c:26:
      ../../gcc-4.3.2/gcc/tree.h:4895: error: expected declaration specifiers or '...' before 'mpz_t'
      ../../gcc-4.3.2/gcc/tree.h:4895: error: expected declaration specifiers or '...' before 'mpz_t'
      and still looking into what that means but shouldn’t take too long to figure out
    4. maybe more later

    So far This has been an interesting adventure, and would highly recomend that any linux admin should try this out and learn about how linux actuelly works, not many people understand how it all fits together and what it takes to make your own distro that you have complete control over…

    well now back to some more compilling! 🙂

    Edit : these are the errors after the warnings make[3]: *** [c-lang.o] Error 1
    make[3]: Leaving directory `/mnt/lfs/sources/gcc-build/gcc'
    make[2]: *** [all-stage2-gcc] Error 2
    make[2]: Leaving directory `/mnt/lfs/sources/gcc-build'
    make[1]: *** [stage2-bubble] Error 2
    make[1]: Leaving directory `/mnt/lfs/sources/gcc-build'
    make: *** [all] Error 2

    update 8/20/09

    So i went to the mailing list and asked my question and apperently the mpfr and gmp need to be in the source directory of gcc,  in my opnion the note in 5.3 assumes that your in the source directory of the package after its unpacked “Before issuing the build instructions for a package, the package should be unpacked as user lfs, and a
    cd into the created directory should be performed. The build instructions assume that the bash shell is
    in use.” is the exact wording, this should be rephrased  to be more clear, but that’s my opinion so back to compiling the tool chain

    Update 9/1/09

    Using V6.5 i started over and have had no diffuculty in compiling the OS on a USB drive except of my own typos, as soon as i can boot it i will put up a screenshot and also a copy of the USB drive image

    Update 12/26/09

    Never buy crappy USB drives…….Never again will i buy that really cheap drive from that off brand you have never heard of……..i lost my image on that drive but i am recompiling it and doing it again it was fun project and now i can do it a little faster now. This time it will only take a few days to create again.

  • EVO T20 Project

    I had this Idea a while back, that i could take a low power cheap pc and make it into a re-purposed server. So i Decided to buy a few thin clients that where cheap, so i ended up with these 16mb flash 32 mb ram, 300MHz power house…… Now that i look at it i probably should have shopped around a little to get one with more memory, but fret not i did  have an extra 128mb sodimm, I’m am also waiting to get a 128mb SM card from ebay so i have more flash.

    but let me get to the point.

    I want to Run Linux on this thing , then add custom packages like a proxy, a web-server, FTP with a USB stick, or a music streamer , any application that could be just plug and play and you have your instant server, of course all server applications need a little setup but lets make them smart so they configure themselves no matter where you plug them in and have a network ,  but also have overrides for the advanced user.

    but this is all but a dream at the moment so let me begin with what i have

    • Evo T20 16m//30m
    • Ubuntu setup with TFTP  and DHCPD
    • a network or a crossover cable
    • an original firmware file for you Evo (for me it the win ce .net)
    • a hex editor and a some interesting tools

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  • 2 Upcomming Hardware Projects

    Just recently, a friend gave me a IBM x Series 350 server, with extra processors and memory, It is missing the SCSI drives which im trying to look for as cheap as possible so far luck is not in my favor because each drive new costs about $90 for each drive and finding the bays and then the drives i might be able to get the price down to about $50- $60 dollars, also im looking for 2 Heat sinks for the 2 extra processors that i want to stick in there. More on this later, the next project i have is i have some thin clients coming, this project will be interesting, i have to hack some firmware and load up Linux on this little machine, the nice thing is some of the ground work is already laid out for me in some helpful walk through and project pages that i have read up on.
    More Info to come as i progress with these projects later

  • OO PHP Part 1: Re-usable DB connector

    Welcome to My first Tutorial and resource for OO PHP code and classes. There are a lot of Great OOP Tutorials out there for PHP. This tutorial is not for people who don’t have the OOP concept down, this tutorial is for the person that understands the concept and just needs some great reusable code for your library of scripts and Code to make your life a little bit easier.

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  • HalloweenCenter.net project

    I am Currently working on a Google Maps Integration For another Word Press Blog at Halloweencenter.net and hauntedmaps.com, Its Been a Fun project with some great challenges and a great learning experience,

    hopefully it will be completely finished sometime this week with no other issues at hand, but My personal Goal with this project is an easily integrated map with DB support for markers, directions and a unique way of administrating the inputted markers by the users. My idea for this to work is a Unique Link created when the site or marker was put into the DB, after that the person who created the the marker can now go to that link and update certain parts of the entry, like the description and other non critical Data. later this Week I will Post some of the Code and the Basics of how it works, and Hopeful create some reusable Code for your own project.

    but for right now i will be concentrating on getting my themes and my other WP content setup so it looks as Good as other WP sites

    I have to Give a Shout to Leo, he did give me some great inspiration to start up my own site..