• New Toys, Bigger msp430 and a stellaris launchpad

    New toys came in the other day from the 43oh.com store.
    I ordered 2x msp430f5510 USB dev boards, created By Robg , also I received a Stellaris Launchpad (on loan till mine come in) .


    These are Nice little boards, and will work great for any one trying with a Launchpad and would like to try some of the bigger flagships. These are very easy to solder and get up and running.




    To program them, all I did was connect the RST, TST, Vcc, Gnd between the launchpad and the dev board. Ran mspdebug, and it worked on the first try.

    Sorry for the poor screen shot.





    As of right now, I am working on porting msp430USBDev API from TI. It is both IAR and CCS code, and both will not work out of the box with mspgcc.

    But with some minor changes I think I can get it to work.

    There is a Port of the devpack, but It has an autogen.sh file that makes the makefile and links things automatically…… and in general I had issues with it, it compiled correctly but did not run on my 5510, even after I changed the minimal configuration options it gave.
    Now I don’t know what the guy changed or what he did to get it to work other then some linker options about the usb buffer/ram.

    I will give an update on this as soon as I get it to work.


  • Just a personal update

    Hey readers,  just to let you know,  I just started a new job and will be working overnights. So once I get used to this, there will be more posts about some new fun things the I have learned and new equipment to play around with.

    Thanks for reading!

  • Building current LFS with the 6.3 live cd

    To build the current LFS svn 201207xx with the LFS livecd. Even tho they state its not possible,  it is with very few changes and adding one extra tool.
    Well to start download all the packages to the version you want to build. After that download p7zip,  the open source 7zip with .xz compression support. P7zip is used just to build the tools,  after that you will be able to use xz utilities to access the tar balls.

    How to install the p7zip is very easy and its a very easy to use.
    To install,  unzip(extract from archive) and cd into the folder you just extracted. Then just make,  when its all done,  or if you dont want to make it,  copy the 7za binary into the tools/bin folder and then you are done.
    How to use it, type in /tools/bin/7za e. /your-archive.tar.xz .
    after that you will have .tar file named the one you just extracted. Then just extract as normal and continue on.

    Once you are able to exract. xz files you can start building the tools and base system.
    The only change I have made was removing –with-kernel=2.6.xx from the configure parameters in glibc. You have to remove it from the tools build and the base system, otherwise it will not compile.
    links :


    I have tried this on 2 builds (a P4 and pentium 3 coppermine) both boot and are successful and have built one with X that works and the other is a server thats being finished.

    Maybe after this is all finished I may try to remaster the live cd to be able to build lfs 7.2+ and submit it.

    More software and MSP430 updates coming soon……I just need to get used to working 3rd shift. which starts at the end of this week.

  • lfs and blfs frustrations

    Today has been a frustrating day. I finished my lfs (linuxfromscratch) 6.3 build and was starting the blfs portion. While I was working on installing xorg and xfce, I ran into some issues.
    first issue was dhcpcd build. version 5 will not compile,  ipv6 issues I believe. I gave up since static ip is fine.

    second issue,  .xz ….
    in the blfs build it instructs you to download. xz files. This is a problem, since blfs book does not inform you or give you the resource to unpack this file.
    To remedy this you can download 7zip,  specifically p7zip.
    To install it,  use make,  then make test, then make install.
    this will install it to /usr/local.
    to use it use, 7za x /your/package.xz
    And that will remedy that whole .xz crap…….

    Third issue,  when compiling xorg protocols ,  xbc(xcb?)_proto requires python interpreter,  so install python first. but remember to install 7zip so you can unpack it lol.
    **Edit** xcb does mention python, it is built after xorg protocols

    I am sure to find more things that don’t make sense with the build. When my box is done,  I will post on the whole process and more of the issues I ran into.

    Hope this helps someone,  because I would hate for someone else to give up on there build  due to poor information. Let me know what ypu think.

  • RFID + Back door = Easy Access

    Lately I have been lazy about getting into my home, early in the morning I dislike rummaging through my pockets to get out my keys just to go through 2 doors just to get in and sit down.  So I fixed this issue by making my patio door RFID accessible. With a few parts on hand and a whole bunch of time, I made a “patio un-locker”, because it only unlocks the patio door but does not lock it.

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  • Getting use out of a thin client


    Today I setup my evo t20. I used the built in terminal emulator to connect to my linux box. So easy and super simple. All that is needed is inetd and telnetd installed on the linux box, no configuration necessary. once installed I set up windows ce to telent to that box and that was it. One thing I did notice was that I couldn’t get nano to work and vi acts all funny. So I will have to figure out a telnet compatable editor so I can use mspdebug and be able to edit the code as well……One step closer to getting a useful work area. If you have any suggestions on telnet editors please let me know.

  • micro heli hack failed

    I have a few brocken micro helicopters lying around and deciced.to try a quick experiment.
    I removed the tail rotor and electronics and connected the 2 main rotors together, by a piece of meral coat hanger.



    What I forgot was, you need to have one of the rotors going the oposite direction to counter the rotation of the other one.

    Failed but learned something. Back to the idea bin…..maybe I will create some fancy paper airplane.