Green Charger Project, no longer being worked on

Green Charger Project

My Project Idea How often do we leave our chargers plugged into the wall? last time i check i don’t really remove it and i guess that like most people. Did you know that those chargers plugged in wastes electricity, even tho its a small amount, it adds up over time and thats money that I could use to build more projects.

So lets build a green power source, something that any one can build, out of common parts. By far solar would be the easiest to use and build, But if I would add a servo to follow the sun. Next would be a wind generator, a little more complex, it would be the vertical standing blades the the motor mounted underneath, I would like to try and recycle an electric motor, if possible. my third idea is a magnet motor, other people have built them but not like my concept or scale i will document the build once i acquire the materials.

The next part connect would be the Arduino with a bluetooth adapter, it could monitor voltage produced, track the sun, monitor wind speed or whatever else you could think of. You then can monitor everything with an application  also you could  connect it to a PC and graph the data or update a website.

Last is the power station, it contains a battery, an ac converter, for ease of use, and a charging unit. These would be housed in a small cabinet. I would also like to contain a small screen to let show, voltage, amps, time till full battery . It would also be nice to create a holder for the phone or other electronics as well, but that can be decided at the time of the build.


My original idea for the magnet motor make from the fact that magnets attract and repel other magnets so i started looking for other concepts and they are out there but they are just that concepts. lets take it to the next level and create something that can be used and manufactured easily.
also using some solar cells for this would work as well. My idea would be to add some way for them to follow the sun which could be done with the arduino. Wind power would not be ideal for some places, and it would be a little harder to implement than the solar cells. As for cost, solar would be the most expensive, with the panels that i’m looking at about $60 per panel, next would be the wind and the magnet motor, which can be built with recycled materials, currently I have a few different electric motors that I will be using for this project and proof of concepts.

The charging station is a little more complex then the rest of the system, containing a voltage converter and some sort of charger for a 12v lead acid battery(recycled) and an AC converter for ease of use. Currently for the AC converter I will be using a retail car AC converter rated at 1A. The battery is from my car, I thought i had a bad battery about a month ago and replaced the battery, and since I am a pack rat i kept the old one. If you recycle you can greatly reduce the total cost of this project.
Currently I am at the planning stages of my Power source, which I will have some drawings of my magnet motor put up with my proof of concept. The magnets I am buying locally at My American Science and Surplus store . Other parts are coming from other projects and part that I have saved over the years.


More to Come as work progresses……..

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