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    Borrowed from hackaday,
    Borrowed from hackaday,

    I am a regular Browser of certain DIY and tech sites just because they always have something interesting, or some new idea or technology that may be useful. Today I found this post, http://hackaday.com/2009/08/25/kernelcheck-kernel-compiler/ and it interested me, a quick and easy way of Downloading patching and compiling the kernel…..I thought ‘WOW’ this is one of those packages that will vanish in a few weeks and it prolly buggy, no good support, and not a big user base with comments from ’01……..so i downloaded it and installed it, it has a few interesting dependencies like qt3 and a few other small libs…..now its installed, i go over the over simplified PDF….fairly easy to use so i go at it…..I was surprised how well it worked right out of the “package”,  I went ahead and updated the kernel info with a click of a button, i know which kernel is installed currently, i know what the current stable dev kernel is,  the current patch and a slew of other info that i really didn’t need… so next i decided i wanted a customized kernel, so i click 0n the custom, chose the current stable dev, with no patches (i didn’t try but you can go back to earlier versions of the Kernel) a few other options i chose as well as manual config, pack into a .deb package, there a bunch of other choices as well… so i did a basic config just to get it to compile my new kernel…..in less than 4 hours my new kernel was ready to be used, so  i loaded it up in the VMbox and took it for a spin, it loaded and worked just as if i had done this manually…..so I am pleased that some one has created a great tool like this to make life a little bit more easy for me….

    So is this going to Help those out there that want to customize there system? well a little, it will make the process a little faster and creating a custom kernels you will still need to know what you are doing when configuring it……My over all opinion of this software, I think its great and someone should have come up with this sooner. What i think is needed is some more advanced options for people building kernels for other systems, or cross-compile options, but other wise its a Great Tool with a nice intuitive GUI.

    As for support if you run into problems, well i haven’t had to deal with there mailing list but they do have one and it looks like this is an ongoing project for them. I am usually pretty critical of software becuase i have been let down so many times, but this one I really cant complain about, Its just a Great tool for your linux toolbox.

    Now just go to there site and check out the program for yourself http://kcheck.sourceforge.net/