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  • Update: sugru, shapelock, and my break

    I am so excited my Sugru order shipped a few days ago from the UK, I am really looking forward to testing this stuff out, and finally tested my shapelock- pics and movie to be posted soon. Works as its supposed to, no more scrounging for servo and motor mounts.
    as for my break only a few weeks left before i start working on my projects, lots of updates and some great new ideas coming to plan…


  • sugru order update

    I’m so excited that my order will be coming soon!

    “We promised to ship them on or before the 1st of February and
    I’m delighted to be able to let you know that they
    will all ship out by the middle of next week.”

    I also ordered a free sample of shapelock. Its a low melting point plastic, it melts at 150 degrees Fahrenheit, really cool stuff.

    pictures to come!