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  • Ubuntu 10.04, 10.10, 11.04 The bane of my existence!!

    I have been an avid fan of ubuntu and I still am, but for newer hardware only. Recently I had to upgrade to 9.10 and then to 10.x. let start with my first issue in 9.10  and we will go from there. In 9.10 my sound and video would not play. this was caused by pulse audio and also not working together or something like that, personally i could not find the exact issue or cause, which made this issue very hard to fix…. but a fix was found….i will go over that in a min or two lol.

    Next issue was the keyboard and mouse locking up on ubuntu 10.04 and higher, this is a big pain, because once they lock up, both the PS2 keyboard and mouse freeze, and so do the usb keyboard and mouse. This makes is very hard to find a fix since i may have 2 secs of the mouse moving or i might get 5 mins, either way it locks and i have to reboot, and thats not a guaranteed fix.

    So lets start on how i fixed the 9.10, 10.04, 10.11 with an audio issue. The symptoms are choppy music play and then it cuts out, log file filled with “karmic pulseaudio [1653]: ratelimit.c: 2 events supressed” also video usually stops or wont play as well…… to Help most of you out, i have tried everything from recompiling the kernel, to installing from source, compiling pulse from source, changing alsa drivers, changing the scheduling, using every google fix there is……not even launchpad couldnt give me any info. There are bugs listed but no real fixes or workarounds…until now lol.  if you have applications that use pulseaudio ( im not sure what depends on it) this may not be a good workaround.


    Unistall Pulse Audio!!! (Thanks Kevix from the 43oh IRC room/forums!!) He stated that most programs still use alsa and dont need pulseaudio.

    as soon as i did that, my sound worked as well as my video, even the system alerts could be heard!!

    this worked for me, on my audiology and on board sound card…..I do not know the extent of pulse integration with ubuntu desktop so try at your own risk and feel free to let me know how it worked out for you. 🙂

    on to my next issue Ubuntu 10.4-11.04 Keyboard and mouse do not work/ freeze after a few min.

    This issue has been going on since i had tried 10.04 a little after the initial release, I haven’t tried nearly as much as i had worked on the other issue, but this one is inherently very hard to pinpoint for me. no log messages or errors, even on verbose…….tried combination of ps2 and usb with no luck at all.  I even tried reinstalling Dbus and Hal with no luck ….. and this is where i am stuck.

    My choices are continue on working on the issue and be down a PC (this is my main PC used for everything) or find a distro that works with my older PC, both require a decent amount of work to get it all going, including all the programs i have compiled from source.

    So any ideas ? any thoughts? another distro i could try? im willing to try almost anything to get my PC up and running so i can watch youtube on my tv!!

    PC specs

    P4 2 x cores with asus motherboard

    ATI 9600/128mb

    ram 1.2Gb

    nothing too special lol

    Leave some comments 🙂