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  • New Server and domain registrar.

    sorry for the look and the missing pictures. but they will be coming soon.
    slowly getting things up and running….. i now should be saving about $100+ a year since leaving godaddy.

    I have left them since they keep upping there price for renewals and hosting.
    I am sorry in this day in age, $20 a year is sorta of unreasonable, when i can get it for $12 and dont have to pay extra for private registration.

    Good by godaddy, you won’t be missed.

  • Web Site Security- what to do when you get hacked?

    Recently a Client/friend asked me to help him with his site after he found out he was hacked, in a situation like that i would gladly volunteer my time to help assess and fix the issue and prevent it from happening again. All the Guides from the major CMSs or other frameworks all have help guides to helped you when you get hacked. WordPress and Zen cart both have very good guides, but this guide should be a general help guide to getting back on track, you may have better site specific info from the company that developed the framework. Also check the forums as well for other people that have been hacked and how they fixed it and what the cause was.

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