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  • I hate slow DBs

    Have you ever called a place that needs to look up your account or other info? ever notice how it takes about a some time for them to get that info?

    I’m the guy on the other side of the line waiting to get that info so I can help fix what ever problem they had called in with, and the longer i work the more i notice that its taking longer and longer to for me to pull up any info about any account. So whats is the deal, why cant a multi billion dollar company fix a database?

    We live in the Age of Information, where almost everything is instant, where people expect info or help to be provided to them that instant. My guess is everyone at my place of employment probably don’t even notice the long waits between DB queries through our ticketing system. So how long is long? well i decided to test this, for a basic customer id I queried takes about 20 seconds, ok thats acceptable but thats only to bring up there info, not there ticket history. So i click on there history, guess what another 30 seconds on the clock, so it starting to get bad, after that you can click on individual tickets, create a new one or use tabs to look at more info. Each tab when clicked on takes 5-25 seconds to open. And these are the fast times, other times i sit 30 secs to about 1 min to get anything useful, and there have been times that I started a query when I left for break , came back and still had 5 mins to wait till it finally showed some results. My querries where presise and dont pull alot of data, but this is getting ridicolous. So how does a database get this slow? traffic? Nope cant be traffic, I work 3 rd shift and have about 15 people who use it , during the day over 100 people use it. What about maitnence? not likely, thats run once a week for about 2 hours or so.

    What else could it be? corrupted database? bad design for a large database? I  have never worked with a large database like that before so I don’t know the challenges of design or maintenance of such a large beast. But I have worked with smaller DBs that had similar slowdowns, but that was caused by too much data being pulled, like querying the entire DB or a few thousand rows. Or could the bandit be the vendor lock on the ticketing system in combo there DB, by the way the ticketing system looks very customized and even has features, custom built by other vendors, like the data being pulled from  an access database or integration into 2 other ticketing systems. My guess is Oracles Seibel, and DB work wonders out of the box and setup correctly even better when you use there system to input the data. I wonder who approved adding more plugins was a great idea?  This kind of bloat is inexcusable in a place where employees are timed. How do you fix something thats going to get screwed anyways, there policy just keep it chugging along, my solution would be to start gettting rid of or migrating 3yr+ old tickets and closed accounts to another DB, at least it would be a start, next would be to start removing the bloat from system, we do not need it to make our coffee and tell us were great. We need something light fast and simple, all we want to do is get the person what they want and move on. What will it take for these so called decision makers to realize that there all in one application dream doesn’t work in reality. Maybe this will become the next epic IT failure? not likely because its behind closed doors and if it failed i doubt that they would even tell the employees. So far i enjoy working for the smaller company, at least your voice is heard unlike here where your the bottom of the barrel.

    Sorry about the long rant but some things at large companies are inexcusable that can throw money at situations. I thought customer service was supposed to be the focus of what we do. When will the people who call the shots going to learn to think logical instead of  using a magic 8 ball and some business lingo to make decisions about technology.

  • Work, The Internet, Your Browsing

    Have you ever had that feeling that someone is standing over your shoulder, while browsing at work?  Or someone sends you a link in your corp mail, you click and you get that wonderful message, “this site has been blocked by <your big brother software> for <some reason that its not related to work>”…… Every time i have gotten a message like that, my brain goes “uh oh” knowing that in some log that it recorded your user name time and the site you were trying to get to!! So you think that this is another mark on your flawless company record…but even worse is it keeps all the sites that you go to regardless if its blocked or not…….So are you getting paranoid now? Well don’t be unless you know what your doing is against company policy like looking at NSFW sites or other social networking sites. But it still bugs me that my Digital Privacy is still being infringed upon……I know that Company’s put in filters and proxy s for extra security to keep out the viruses malware and spam from the internet, But do you really need Draconian laws to help with security? isnt there a better way, maybe Teach your emplyees, good browsing habits, what phising  is  or social engineering, and whats acceptable for work browsing and sample sites…… It may be years before major company realize that there internet policy is failing due to people circumventing there security, which is a Big problem that no one seems to realize, so Let me tell you some interesting ideas to circumvent your employers draconian internet policy……………… There are a few different ways to get by there security, depending on what is in your way. Most company uses a Proxy to allow people to access to the internet which usually have some sort of login, some use a Web filter software added to the proxy to allow you access to a few sites that the company feels you need access to, others use just the filter and some use something called a transparent proxy or gateway that has some sort of filtering software, there may be others ways for security to impede on your web surfing. Now for the Good stuff, how to get around your works web security… Remember I do not Support breaking the law or circumventing critical network security or breaking your company internet usage policy…Basically I take no Responsibility for your actions. Read the Policy and understand it because knowing your rights as an employee is your responsibility not HRs……….This is for informational and educational purposes only!
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